Sneak Preview

of what we do and how we work during the #acbjourney

Here, we'd like to give you a feel for what you can expect when you work and learn together with us. This set of examples will grow over time.

What to expect?

In this video, Stephanie and Sonja get a critical question out of the way and talk about why it's helpful to "embrace the suck"- recorded in September 2020 in Berlin

"Getting Started"

Taken from our art session test run in August 2020

Highlights of ACB Play Session 

A wild rollercoaster of storytelling that took us to the Faroe islands and into outer space - see for yourself :)
Recorded in August 2020

"Mixing Magic"

Taken from our art session test run in August 2020

"Intention versus intuition"

Taken from our art session test run in August 2020

"ACB masterpieces"

Revealing what we created during the art session test run

The journey starts here

Get the ball rolling! 
If you're interested in taking part, 
1) let us know your preferred weekdays for the sessions
2) tell us about your expectations for your ACB journey
3) tell us what's your profession and where you're based or include a link to your social media profile

We'd also like to hear from you, if you'd like to run this program for a team or an organisation or if you'd like to explore other formats/experiences with us.

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We do not have a physical address, as this is a collabortation initiative between people in different places: Flensburg, Berlin and Graz

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