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Applying Creativity to Business
It’s not a straight-line from A to B

We live in interesting times.

The only constant thing is change.
And it’s not predictable.

Many of the “truths” we grew up with aren’t true any more.
We’re understanding that we don’t run the world; the world runs us.

This feels confusing, intimidating even.

We long for a different way of thinking, working, and creating value.
We seek improvisation, imagination and inspiration.

But where to begin and how? 

Embark on an interactive learning and growth journey with us!

Through ACB (Applying Creativity to Business), first and foremost you will learn to embrace the opportunities that uncertainty brings.

By doing that we can use this time of volatile change as a canvas, bringing flexibility in where there was rigidity, replacing control and command with trust and autonomy.

This is about being OK with ambiguities, putting humans at the heart of what we do, and inspiring and encouraging people to realise their full potential.

Through the work, participants can expect to gain improved self-confidence and resilience, and take away practical tools and ideas to help them be more curious and creative, enabling them to create better work for themselves and their teams.

Program Description

The ACB journey is, in fact, a series of interactive and practical organisational and personal development masterclasses that are composed of knowledge transfer and interactive offline exercises.  

Through years of experimentation and work in knowledge management, collaborative, and artistic practices, some important qualities which are necessary in order to sustain innovation and creativity have been identified and we will awaken all of these throughout the ACB journey: 

  • Curiosity…An inquiring mind
  • Resilience…Flexibility to bounce back 
  • Reflection…Making space to contemplate 
  • Improvisation…Going with the flow 
  • Belonging...A sense of community 
  • Tenacity...Try until it works 

Program Details

We offer a series of five masterclasses, spaced out over the course of ten weeks, for a group of 8-12 individuals

When you enrol, you can expect:


Five full-day masterclasses with on- and offline experiences. These are the backbone of the learning journey. They come with input as well as playful assignments for experiments that will push you out of your comfort zone, invite you to try new experiences and share your insights with your peers. 


A total of three hours of 1:1 time with one of our facilitators that help you to reflect and uncover new insights; these hours can be taken over the course of the journey at your leisure 


A peer group for shared learning among 3-4 people, providing accountability and sustainable learning. If you want it to, it can even last far beyond the duration of this journey.

We will embark on the first ACB journey this September (2020). We understand you probably have commitments already, so if you want to be part of this, then we provide the flexibility to adjust the sessions to days that suit your needs.


A word on language: The ACB journey will take place in English and we explicitly welcome a group of participants from across Europe.

Ready? Let's talk! 

This is for you if...


You are an executive or a manager who sees the need for change and adapting to the rapid evolution of the new work environment.


You act as a change agent, and you want to take your practice to another level to create lasting cultural change with and for the people you serve. 


You are a consultant e.g. an organisational developer, facilitator, coach or trainer who seeks to enhance your toolset. 



The full ACB journey of five masterclasses over the course of ten weeks, three hours of bespoke 1:1 time with one of the three facilitators and your peer learning circle is 2,500 EUR + German tax.
This also includes a certificate which you receive at the end as well as a set of materials that you will experiment and play with (this will be mailed to your address prior to the program).

EUR 2,500

Why is this relevant?
Why now?

Creativity is one of the top 10 skills identified as critical in 2020 and beyond by the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report along with critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility - all things that are influenced by creativity.
A sustainable world needs organisations to embrace all of these skills. It deserves leaders who aim higher than just hitting the numbers and making shareholders happy. To nurture sustainable success in this day and age, organisations must solve meaningful problems instead of creating new ones.

Who we are

We're a group of people with a variety of backgrounds that includes: general business, information technology, project and program management, as well as organisational transformation. Over the past few years, we have continuously broadened our tool-set and acquired a plethora of effective methods to enable strategic insights, collaboration, play and innovation.

Stephanie has two superpowers: using both sides of her brain and asking questions.
Her background is as a painter, knowledge management consultant, IT process consultant, and accountant.
 She plans and successfully executes big, unwieldy projects and programs. Big, cross-functional, cross-organisational initiatives, that don’t neatly fit into a box.
Stephanie lives in Berlin and works with clients around the world
More info here

Sonja is great at inspiring others and creating meaningful human connections. She brought these gifts to good use in a career in corporate pharma where she grew through a variety of roles in marketing, sales and business in three different countries and three different companies before stepping into strategic HR at a regional level. Today, Sonja is based in northern Germany and works as a self-employed change catalyst.
More info here

Manuel has always been fascinated by the energy and power that a playful attitude can unleash in people and organisations.
He has experience in project management, as a service designer, and as innovation consultant. He is an expert in LEGO® Serious Play® and enabling playful working envirnoments by cheekily challenging what is and asking what could be.
Manuel is an entrepreneur, facilitator, guest professor and change enabler based in Graz, Austria.
More info here

Still unsure if this resonates with you? Then give us a shout and we'll explore together 

How we work

We work in an encouraging, non-judgmental environment, while using a wide range of invitational activities, all of which are designed to stimulate different ways of thinking about work, life, the universe, and everything.
The program is designed to be a blended learning journey based on our experience and knowledge, sharing all that we know with like-minded people, making our skills accessible for many and scalable across geographies.

The journey starts here

Register now for your ACB journey or get in touch for more info.

If you're interested in enrolling,
1) let us know your preferred weekdays for the full day sessions
2) tell us about your expectations for your ACB journey
3) tell us what's your profession and where you're based or include a link to your social media profile

If you're unsure if this is for you or if you have questions, please get in touch so we can schedule a short intro call .

We'd also like to hear from you if you cannot make it this time round, but want to be updated with other formats/experiences in the future or even if you find the topic interesting, but cannot spare whole days at the moment. We might look into different formats at some point.

Transparency: This journey needs a minimum of six participants. Scheduling depends on people’s availability.

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We do not have a physical address, as this is a collabortation initiative between people in different places: Flensburg, Berlin and Graz

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