Radical KM

Helping the Humans

Traditional KM approach
Traditionally, knowledge management has focused on taking the process of what we do with the things we know (either written down or in our heads) and making it look more like a traditional industrial assembly line. However, knowledge is not a production line, production lines don’t want curiosity or learning, they rely on workers to do their task as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why we need something new
Knowledge wants and needs curiosity and learning. Knowledge is context sensitive. Knowledge needs space and time. The things knowledge wants were educated out of us through production line thinking.

What we need is to reintroduce the things that have been forgotten: creativity and playfulness. By reactivating these things, things we once instinctively knew, and infusing them into our work activities we are better able to adapt to an ever-evolving environment, and create organisations that are more innovative, flexible, and engaged.

Radical KM
Radical Knowledge Management

Radical Knowledge Management
Integrating art, artistic attitudes, and a creative practice into our knowledge work/processes creates: Radical Knowledge Management. It enables the adoption of agile/flexible behaviours and culture change which in turn allows the digital transformation of our organisations, so that they are successful in our knowledge age future.

Further information:

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2. For more information please read these blog posts: https://www.realisation-of-potential.com/tag/radical-km/ or contact Stephanie at stephanie @ realisation-of-potential .com (remove the spaces).

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