Creativity Coaching

I (Stephanie) trained as a Creatively Fit Coach in 2012 and has worked with these ideas and processes ever since.

With the changing needs and environment and with people increasingly recognising the need to tap into their dormant creativity, I am expanding this part of my consulting practice, making it available to a wider audience.

You can find additional information on this PDF.

Coaching Recommendation from Simona Brickers (whom I worked with over the period September 2022-April 2023)

I’ve learned that in every moment of personal growth that there will be challenges. One moment the path appears clear and the next confusion because the road no longer seems as direct, it was during such a time is when I met Stephanie and was introduced to her Radical Knowledge Management (KM) techniques. 

Stephanie sent me a list of art supplies to get started with, she did this so that I could support local businesses, otherwise she would have sent a package of supplies. I started slowly to embark upon this new adventure because I was not an artist. I purchased the items I needed and applied her techniques with the most important being to give myself time to sit with the process.  

Slowly, I found myself drawn to the canvas adding color, changing direction, standing back taking in another layer.  It felt like every color added changed me in some way. Every design that surfaced adjusted my vision of my direction and the dynamics of the painting. 

Then one day I knew that the painting was complete, I had arrived at clarity and a direction.  When the painting was finished, I was transformed. The transformation informed me that life is my canvas and I need to experiment with it to discover other ways of using color to discover something different that brings me joy.  

After doing this work with Stephanie, I started two different businesses, both are growing in ways that continue to surprise me.

Thank you, Stephanie for the process of learning that that my creative talents reach far beyond anything I could have imagined.

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