Past Projects

Industry Service Provided
Engineering Consulting Communities of Practice health check and other miscellaneous KM mentoring and research
Engineering Consulting Mentoring on knowledge management strategy and activities, review of same
Financial Services Digital Transformation: KM Strategy and Documented Knowledge Lifecycle
Financial Services Digital Transformation: Develop strategy for knowledge management technology, including user requirements and technology recommendation
Consult on information audit, Community of Practice, and taxonomy and meta-data processes
Higher Education High-level Knowledge Management vision for First Nations Traditional Knowledge
Infrastructure Digital Transformation: Livelink Remote Cache implementation, including training for users
Taxonomy revision and development of long-term taxonomy strategy
Knowledge Management program development
Mining Digital Transformation: Document Management Strategy
Digital Transformation: Document Management Policy Development
Miscellaneous mentoring clients and public workshops Creativity and innovation
Bringing balance to their careers
Knowledge management practices and implementation
Project Management
NGO Report recommending digitisation strategy
NGO Digital Transformation: KM Audit and Strategy
Digital Transformation: Implementation of KM Strategy
Not-for-profit Digital Transformation: Knowledge Management Strategy, including Knowledge Retention
Not-for-profit Digital Transformation: Knowledge Management Strategy
Not-for-profit Digital Transformation: Requirements analysis for Research Administration Database and Mission Content Management System, and recommendation for prioritisation
Not-for-profit Digital Transformation: 1-day course on Aligning KM with People, Process, and Technology
Not-for-profit Information Management Program Foundation
Nuclear Energy Knowledge Management training and education
Nuclear Energy Digital Transformation: Created enterprise taxonomy, technology roadmap
Contributed to KM Framework design
Nuclear Energy WIKI improvements and strategy
Knowledge management articles
Pharmaceuticals Digital Transformation: requirements analysis and project management of design and development of a corporate portal and collaboration platform
Professional Services Webinar series on Aligning KM with People, Process, and Technology
Professional Services Digital Transformation: Develop strategy for knowledge management technology, including user requirements and technology selection
Digital Transformation: Develop implementation strategy for technology and knowledge management program
Professional Services Design and develop Knowledge Management Practice
Develop and present webinars on Knowledge Management best practices to their clients
Regulatory Agency Taxonomy Workshops
Technology Creativity and Innovation Workshop
Technology Collaborative process definitions: Sales-Bid Management, Contract Management, and Project Management
Review of marketplace for collaborative process applications
Technology Community of Practice Program metric design and implementation
Technology Digital Transformation: Requirements analysis to align marketing processes with a SharePoint Portal
Technology KM workshop, developing tactics to remove road blocks
Creativity and Innovation workshop
Technology Data visualisation and gamification of financial information
Developed team-based costing model and recommendations
Developed KPI’s for collaboration
Developed and delivered workshops for team-based costing methods and concepts
Transportation Organisation design best practices

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A PDF file of compiled feedback is available here: Praise for Stephanie

A list of previous clients is here: clients.