Can you manage knowledge? (part 2)

I was at two more presentations/discussions this week, one talked about creating space in organizations for knowledge, the other was on followership, and really had nothing directly to do with knowledge at all, however both have made me think that I need to continue my writing on managing knowledge, not to mention the wonderful replies that I got to my original post. At the “Followership” event the other night we were given a copy of Barbara Kellerman’s book, “Followership” and were treated to her speaking about it, so I may have another post once I have actually finished the book. In the meantime, some more thoughts on managing knowledge. Continue reading “Can you manage knowledge? (part 2)”

Key Success Factors in implementing KM in an ITIL (or any other) Environment

The following discussion of lessons learnt is taken from my experience implementing knowledge management activities in the outsourcing business unit of a large technology company and from projects that I have completed in my consulting practice. The consulting projects have included the implementation of knowledge management enabled processes, including ITIL processes. Continue reading “Key Success Factors in implementing KM in an ITIL (or any other) Environment”

ITIL and Knowledge Management

ITIL says very little about little about Knowledge Management, I know we were all hoping version 3 was going to clarify the situation, but other than saying it goes across the most of the governance and all of the operational processes, it got decidedly little coverage. I don’t disagree with that assessment, I just don’t think it goes far enough to make recommendations or propose guidelines as to how to handle the knowledge of that is generated in executing ITIL processes and IT activities in general. Continue reading “ITIL and Knowledge Management”

Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my blog, after some initial issues trying to get Adobe Contribute to connect to my WordPress blog hosted on my website, I have it working. The secret? Reinstalling WordPress and changing the setting  for XML-RPC in WordPress, I don’t understand why that worked and why it didn’t work the first time, after-all my initial install was clean, but whatever…it works now. 🙂

I will get everything cleaned up and organized on my blog and then start posting.


See you soon! 🙂