A Howard Rheingold Workshop, Part 2

The second part of the workshop was brainstorming the questions that need to/should be asked in working with each aspect of the model. What follows is the output of that session.


  • How to get/keep attention
  • Is it required? Does it form new behaviour?
  • How does discipline fit in
  • How to increase
  • Distractions
  • Have we always been distracted
  • Is there an organizational tool that can be leveraged?
  • Have brains developed differently because of changes in technology and activities
  • Are there patterns that should be recognized/accommodated?


  • Have to be willing/allowing for failure
  • How to collaborate, what that means?
  • Different ways to collaborate
  • Is there an occupational hazard in collaborating?
  • Culturally determined?
  • Best when there’s a lack of ego
  • Needs to be reciprocity
  • How to address conflict in styles between command and control vs. open source
  • How to address competition: for an end, vs. for a purpose/value
  • Danger in consensus
  • Checks and balances, accountability, how are these determined/used?


  • Respect (presence)
  • What’s in it for me
  • Motivation
  • Types of participation: Active/passive, Named/anonymous, Public/private and when should they be allowed/used/permitted
  • Does an individual’s participation make a difference?
  • Are there monetary issues?
  • Inclusive/exclusive

Critical Consumption

  • What is the assessment of the platform the information comes from
  • What or who is the authority?
  • What about fairness with respect to SEO  and the manipulation of sites to be higher in the rankings because of how the search algorithm works
  • How to teach the tools of assessing authority/trustworthiness
  • What is the real hierarchy of validation
  • Can we change policy to ensure accuracy?

Network Awareness

  • Understanding how it all connects
  • How to do the care/feeding of your network
  • Random discovery, how to have more of it
  • How to address the issue of not knowing what you don’t know
  • How to address network drivers
  • Transitory nature
  • Relevance
  • What’s the reliance
  • Fear of exclusion
  • How do you find the experts
  • Inclusion/ask questions