Business-IT Alignment

Okay, so this isn’t a post about Knowledge Management, but it’s an issue that reared it’s ugly head recently in a KM context, so I’m going to blog about it.

What happens when IT loses sight of the user? You might hear comments like, “it’s only one more click,” or “your configuration isn’t supported, and we won’t give you one that is (so suck it up and live with it).” Two things I have heard that have made my blood boil, because I was being asked to do something and IT, in my opinion, was making it as difficult as possible for me to do that.

IT, in my opinion, is supposed to support the business, enable users to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively, not make it so difficult that users don’t do what’s been asked of them.

This is why there is often such a combative relationship between business and IT. Business wants quick, efficient, effective ways of meeting the organization’s objectives, and IT wants to maximize standardization? reduce cost? do what’s easiest for them?

There has to be a middle ground where business needs are met and standards and costs are not disregarded, it just might take some effort and communication on both sides to make that happen.